Dr. Raymond, 

The speech you shared with our Avonworth graduating seniors was great!  You were thoughtful and engaging constantly involving them in your conversation!  I've heard from many of our students that you were their favorite speaker this year!  Thanks! 

                  - Julie, Avonworth High School, 2019

Excellent speech. The topic "Perfectly Imperfect" fit my situation perfectly! I can see now what was drummed into my head as a kid, and how I have passed that on to my kids.  A change is going to happen today!

Thank you for your inspiring message!

                Mary B. (2015) 


I've completed 16 hours of mandatory Anger Management classes. Lisa was always on time and available if I had questions throughout the week and encouraged me to call when I needed to talk. Lisa helped me organize my thoughts and recognize a lot of things in my life, that I never gave any attention to these things that were holding me back from living a more peaceful life.  Thank you Lisa, I am forever grateful.

                            Rai, Pittsburgh

My daughter has been bullied since she was eight. Lisa started working with her about 1 1/2 years ago. The change in her is a miracle. She no longer acts out at home or at school. She has tapped into the art of drawing, which she is now excited about a possible future. She looks forward to her bi-weekly meetings.  Thank you for all you've done with our family and my daughter.

                        Toya, Pittsburgh

Client Testimonials

                        ​​​​​   Ethics2Talk, LLC

                                 Strategies and Solutions for Better Communication Outcomes

Type My adult son has ADHD and has struggled off and on throughout his life with various difficult situations.  Recently, he quit a viable job to start working for himself, which was not successful.  He immediately went into a tailspin regarding how to find a new job (since he does not have a car or driver’s license) and how to find an apartment.   We found Lisa on the Internet under local Life Coaches.

Lisa has been a godsend.  She was quickly able to grasp Chris’ issues and work effectively with him to help him find a job and a potential apartment.  He has gained confidence in himself again and has faced the fact that sometimes you have to work hard to get where you want to be, an important lesson for us all. 

I highly recommend Lisa as a Coach and Motivator in any situation.

​              J.P., Delmont, PA


Lisa spoke to our company about the topic, "What is Your Why?"  She was very friendly and motivational. She used games and prizes to keep our group interested and interactive!  She also worked with us one-on-one to hit home important concepts.

                                    ~ Gemini (2014)

It's Your Job

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March, 2023

I loved the book!  It's Your Job gave me tips to work on before my interview! Working on my commercial gave me confidence that I didn't have before.  Thank You.

   Amy C.

Dr. Raymond, 

​   Your Keynote speech was amazing and really hit home.  The information you shared was on point, and I'm looking forward to sharing with my team!

       DQE Utility Conference, 2019