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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Leadership Development

We all have biases.  Regardless if it's conscious or unconscious, biases can hurt your bottom line, and destroy office and client morale. Biases are thoughts, behaviors, or prejudices that we have against someone else based on their color, age, gender, disability, or personal preferences.  Do you or anyone in your staff have a bias that could affect your business?  Take the Project Implicit IAT test  to reveal biases that may be present.

Society has built a tolerance and acceptance to many forms of discrimination.  However, in a globalized world, being biased won't help your company grow.  Start the conversation with your team members to create effective change in your organization. 

  • Colorism (skin tone:  light vs dark)
  • Genderism
  • Ageism 
  • Racism
  • ​Disability​​

Having an awareness that there may be biases in your organization is the first step. Learning how to recognize those biases is the second, regardless if it is when hiring (vetting), or dealing with current employees or even clients. With our training, learn how to work towards defeating biases within your organization.  

Overcoming biases takes time.  Learning how to recognize hidden biases, or addressing conscious biases isn't enough.  Any attempt to change how one thinks should be an ongoing activity to identify, build skills, and continuously work on those skills.  Therefore, it is unrealistic to think that someone can be "healed" of their bias after one training session, continuous conversation is needed to address concerns and ultimately change behaviors.  How does your company address diversity?  Dr. Raymond covers topics such as: