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You’ve just been introduced as the Keynote Speaker. You nervously head to the podium give your speech. You’re in a room of your peers, some you know, but most you don’t. Panic sets in and your heart begins to race. Your hands are clammy, you feel sweat drip from your brow, your mouth is dry and you feel as if you’re going to pass out.  As you stand at the podium, you hear yourself say “Good evening” in a high pitched squeaky voice that is not your own, and the unthinkable happens, someone in the audience chuckles.

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There’s something about the thought of speaking in front of people that can bring a grown man or woman to their breaking point.  It doesn’t matter how many people are in the audience, it’s just the thought of putting yourself out there on display to be judged by your peers that can make a person sick.  Did you know that more people have a fear of public speaking than they do death? It’s true!

In today’s fast paced globalized world, presentations and public speaking are a large part of every professional’s responsibility.  Having the ability to speak effectively with confidence distinguishes the successful professional from the pack.   

 Ethics2Talk, LLC Can Help You:

  • Face an audience with confidence and control
  • Find your speaking style and defining presence
  • Learn to think and speak with clarity and purpose
  • Organize your speeches to get the results that you want
  • Work through your fears and negative stress
  • Learn to speak extemporaneously and impromptu
  • Master body language, verbal and non-verbal communication

 You Will Benefit by Learning:

To set realistic personal goals for your developing style
Research and preparation skills
To identify elements of a good presentation
Create a strong introduction, solid body and creative conclusion
To apply strategies that work to address anxiety issues
How to design successful informative, persuasive, entertaining, and special events speeches.

It’s okay to be nervous, it’s what you do with that energy that counts!