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Dr. Lisa Raymond

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                        ​​​​​   Ethics2Talk, LLC

                                 Strategies and Solutions for Better Communication Outcomes

​​​Ethics2Talk is about communication!

​Communication is the key to survival.  Just not in our dealings with others, but for the self! Someone who can communicate effectively has a greater chance of getting a job, getting along with others and a better chance of controlling their behaviors when they are faced with a challenging situation or being tested by others.

Ethics2Talk works with individuals and groups to plan, create, and implement strategies to overcome barriers in communication and biases that can happen naturally.

In recent years, a number of things have happened where a lack of communication and understanding are concerning. There has been a drastic increase in both verbal and physical aggression.  And even more concerning, people are not prepared for this ever-changing globalized world personally and professionally.  Why?  Because we don't really know to communicate or we let biases (influential or other) control our thoughts and actions.

When there is a breakdown in communication, a doorway is opened for costly mistakes, wasted time and negative publicity.  Many of these issues can be resolved with positive and effective communication.

Ethics2Talk helps implement strategies to overcome some of the challenges that can plague people by using ethical communication skills and tools without resorting to negative behaviors that can hurt self, others, or cause material damage.