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Speaking to Inspire

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                                               Most people have an understanding of what Motivational Speaking is and what it's supposed to do.                                                    It motivates people 'in the moment'. But what happens after the effects of the speech have worn off,                                                  and people forget that good "go get-em" feeling they once had?  Ethics2Talk uses interactive                                                            motivation and accountability to encourage a shift in habits that can help create positive change in                                                      attitude, behavior, and work performance.  

Workshops are done in such a way that engages the whole audience allowing for full interactive participation and a partnership that helps with accountability to create change as well as have long lasting results.

Types of Workshops:   The common theme in all workshops is the need and

                                                  having the ability to communicate with self and others.

​​     Specialty Talks - Two 90-minute Workshops six months apart that works

     with accountability, ongoing learning and applying information.


     The One-timer - A one-time event (45-90 min) to raise awareness on

     suggested subject.

Student Assemblies (K-12)

  • Sports And You; #Winning
  • Attitude, Behavior and Commitment (ABC) 
  • Start Strong and Finish Stronger
  • Respect

Career Coaching

  • Speaking in front of an audience
  • Career Development: It's Your Job (Job Training & Interviewing Skills)
  • What Is Your Why; and Why Are You Doing It
  • Managing Angry People

General Topics

  • I AM... (Affirmation)
  • A Little Selfish (Me) Time is Good
  • Managing Stress
  • Perfectly Imperfect
  • Respect and Responsibility! It Starts With You