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Dr. Lisa Raymond, 2019

I have over twenty years of experience in Human Resources and have been a business owner since 1998. I am the author of It's Your Job a quick tip guide for those entering the job market or brushing up on skills. I currently teach Intercultural Communications, Public Speaking, and Persuasion and Professional Communications at a Robert Morris University as well as work with individuals on life skills/career development needs. I have a Doctorate in Information Systems and Communications at Robert Morris, Thesis: Bias During Cyber-Vetting Using Social Media and online Searches. I received my Master's Degree in Leadership Business and Global Ethics from Duquesne University. I have trained under Anthony Robbins and have certification from the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training for Strategic Intervention. I am also a Certified Instructor through the National Anger Management Association. 

​I have been a featured guest on WPXI's "Proud to be From Pittsburgh", The Lynne Hayes-Freeland Show and Women's Radio Network and have done speaking events including but not limited to: Black Male Leadership Development Institute, The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Alzheimer's Association, Urban Youth Action, Inc. (FedEx) , Work Force Development Initiative, Goodwill Industries, Public Schools as well as a host of individual clients.

To inquire about speaker availability and rates, call:  412-430-3428

I believe that communication should be the driving force that enhances not only organizational relationships but personal ones as well. As a Coach, I work to empower individuals to be more authentic with self by increasing communication skills in relationships, career development and anger management.  By starting with the core approach of teaching self-worth, confidence, accountability, and empathy, individuals can utilize these transferable skills when communicating with others in both business and personal relationships. 

As an empowerment specialist, I serve as a liaison between insights and implementation, how to create a plan then reach for the goal. From start to finish, I work to inspire others to overcome obstacles through empathy, positive communication and interactive participation.

I understand first-hand how the barrier many face between fear, knowing and doing can feel overwhelming.  At one time or another, we have all done a little self-sabotage, been harsh and critical of self, and allowed stress to stop us from moving past fears and achieving goals leaving us stuck in the moment. Realize, you can get past this "stuck" feeling.